Monday, January 27, 2014

Submission 1: The Crackerjack Book for Boys

It is my pleasure to present the first Biblio-Mat submission:

Book: The Crackerjack Book for Boys
Submitted by: Haze Kwok

Does it come with a popcorn prize?

The very talented Haze Kwok received The Crackerjack Book for Boys from the Biblio-Mat during the Biblio-Mat Fanatic Day and decided to do something artistic for it! Using the quote of “He glanced back at the swaying camel team” from the book, she decided to bring the scene to life with an ink drawing:

Who doesn't like camels?

As you may recall, one of the best books I’ve ever gotten from the Biblio-Mat was Camels!! so these animals have a dear place on this blog.

This blog started off as a crazy undertaking to read a book a week. Well, Haze’s project is even more ambitious – she’s doing a new drawing every day and documenting her progress on her tumblr. I’ve been following it since the beginning and it’s amazing how fast her talents are evolving. The progression from pencil sketching to ink has been mind-blowingly. Check it out!
Who doesn't like penguins??
Who doesn't like t-rex shopping??!

Hoping to have more submissions come in so send in your Biblio-Mat book pics to

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