Monday, January 20, 2014

Submission FAQ

So you got a book from the Biblio-Mat and it looks interesting? Submit an entry to this blog!

Can anyone submit?

Yes! I don’t discriminate (unless I don’t like you). Repeat submissions are welcomed. Do this enough and you might even get a ticket to come aboard the crazy train.

Do I have to write a review?

Nope! Send in anything you’d like. You can do a review like I have done in the past or do a mini-write up, whatever floats your boat. Heck, you don’t even need to read the thing - judging books by their covers is highly encouraged here. If it looks interesting, submit some pics. If it’s inspiring, submit a work of art influenced by it – photography projects, carvings, drawings, even needlepoint (good luck). It doesn’t even have to be physical – submit a song, a reading, or even some interpretive dance (I really hope someone sends in an interpretive dance). I’ll post anything that looks entertaining.

Does it have to be a Biblio-Mat book?

Of course! That’s the name of the game. However, once in a while I might entertain the idea of featuring a book someone found at The Monkey’s Paw, but it damn well better be a ridiculously fascinating book or have some crazy story behind it. If you want to plug a book related event, though, shoot me an email!

Will you publish everything submitted to you?

Oh dear god, no. Rule 34 alone makes this a bad idea. Posts will always be curated but if it’s at least somewhat coherent and doesn’t land me in too much trouble it’ll probably go up.

What do I need to send you?

- Your name/alias you want on your entry
- A website/email attached to your byline if you so wish
- A description of sorts - doesn't have to be an actual review! (Light editing for grammar and spelling will probably be done)
- Pictures! (They’re worth 1000 words. Probably more nowadays with inflation)
- Your consent to have it published here (Just kidding – it’s already assumed!)
- Whatever else you'd like to send me (Keep nudes tasteful, please)

That’s all there is to it. Send your submissions to


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