Monday, February 3, 2014

S2: Myths and Their Meaning

This week’s Biblio-Mat submission comes courtesy of someone with much better photography skills than I:

Book: Myths and Their Meaning
Submitted by: Matthew Wylie

Very much dig the clean design of the cover.
From Matthew:

“This is a wonderful schoolboy's classic (Allyn and Bacon) printed in 1928. This particular text was part of Central C. & M. T. High School's library (Newark, New Jersey - where the author, Max J. Herzberg, taught). The only and last stamped date on this edition is 1933, "Central High School" - Norwood Press; Academy Classics for Junior High School. Furthermore, this is the very textbook that the Headmaster and the Latin teacher would have both had stashed away in their respective offices, while the Philosophy "professor" would have at least, once upon a time, "laid hands upon it." 

The first sentence of the "Illustrative Material" preface (xiv) reads, "This is an age of interest in pictures."”

A very prestigious-looking book. I particularly like how it appears to weave historical artifacts into the text to lend some context of what is being referenced. Also pretty awesome that it's from the same school the author taught at. Thanks for the write up and research into the history, Matthew!

Keep the Biblio-Mat book pics coming - submit to if you’ve received something interesting.


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