Monday, January 20, 2014

A New Start

The Biblio-Mat Fanatic Party went well and there are pics to come as they get sorted.
The announcement concerning the future of this blog was revealed with every book from the Biblio-Mat last night: will be opening up for submissions from everyone! Hooray for crowd-sourcing!

What's this book? Wait and see!

The reason for this is two-fold:

If you’ve followed the blog you’d know that I’ve been reading a book a week from the Biblio-Mat. This resulted in me reading 52 books last year, which was amazing… except for the fact that I did not get around to reading any of the books on my 2013 to-read list. That list has grown significantly since I’ve been picking up non-Biblio-Mat books as well from TheMonkey’s Paw and contrary to popular belief, I do actually need sleep from time to time so there’s no way I can clear my backlog of books while keeping this book-a-week project going.

The other, more important, reason is that I’m simply too curious to see what other people have gotten from the machine. I go to TheMonkey’s Paw once a week and there have been so many times where I wished I had gotten to the Biblio-Mat five minutes sooner cause the person before me received a ridiculously fascinating book (I’m still choked about the time the guy ahead of me walked out with an old cartography book of 200 or so foldout maps documenting the lakes of Minnesota). If this happened just on my weekly visits, I can only imagine what other curiosities have come out of the machine the other 99% of the time I’m not there.

So it is with this hope of seeing more amazing books from the machine being shared that I invite you to send write-ups, reviews, works of art, and whatnot inspired by what you get from the Biblio-Mat.

Submissions can be sent to and there is also a short FAQ on submission guidelines.

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