Monday, July 28, 2014

OT12: Vonnegut

One of my favourite authors of all time is Kurt Vonnegut and every year I reread at least two of his books – Slaughterhouse-Five in the spring and whatever catches my fancy in the summer. Why? Cause there is so much depth in his work that I get something new out of every reading. This summer I’m devoting some time to these two books:

Ten years apart.

Much like my obsession with Oscar Wilde, I’ve picked up almost every Vonnegut first printings I’ve found at The Monkey’s Paw. I’ve had these two for a while now, having picked them up a month apart last summer, but never had the time to read any non-Bibliomat books due to the reading experiment that engulfed my 2013.

The first book is the 1979 printing of Jailbird. I had read this one while in university, long before the name Kilgore Trout became familiar and remember liking it a lot back then. 

Something to be said about 70's design.


Should be interesting rereading it again after having ten years of life experience and a lot more understanding of political history.

The second book is Hocus Pocus, printed in 1990. Funny enough, I have never read this despite it being one of his few books that was published after I was born. Picked up for less than the Canadian cover price, it was steal.

This was an expensive book...

Agree to disagree.

One of my few buying regrets was not snapping up the first edition of Breakfast of Champions I saw on the shelf the very first time I stepped foot into the store. Thinking it would be there the next time I came back, I passed up on it only to find it gone when I returned the next day. So it goes.

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