Monday, June 30, 2014

S16: Winner Take All

On the eve of Canada Day here’s a submission celebrating some of what makes this country awesome – vast swaths of wilderness to commune with nature.

Book: Winner Take All: The Trans-Canada Canoe Trail
Submitted by: Wesley Fok

Written by David Lavender and published in 1977, this is one one of the books in the American Trails Series. A few blurbs from inside:

"First and last it was a commercial highway and in that respect unique in the English-speaking world. Commerce was not the whole of the story, however. Adventure, challenge, spaciousness, contact with the Indians among whom many of the men found enduring loves, the white immensity of winter, the flash of sunlit water across granite boulders--those things, too, were part of the lure.

Innocent in their greed, the trail's creators were the first despoilers of native life, both animal and Indian. But they were not aware of what they were doing--a doing that many of them cherished intensely. 'They pulled the wilderness round them like a cloak,' wrote historian Bernard De Voto; 'they wore its beauty like a crest.' "
                        --Prologue: A Long Trail Awinding

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