Monday, June 9, 2014

S14: Wood’s Natural History (Revisited!)

It was the Dundas West Street Festival this weekend so I dropped by for the collage party at the Monkey’s Paw and of course had to try my luck with the Biblio-Mat while I was there. Lo and behold, a blast from the past:

Once again, not a book about the history of wood.

Title: Wood’s Natural History

It’s rare for the Biblio-Mat to vend out books that are similar and even rarer that the same title would be in there, let alone make itsway to the hands of someone who received another edition a year ago. But then again, the Biblio-Mat is nothing if not random.

Next year I hope to get the 1910 edition.
Still creepy.
The funny thing is that the one I got last year was published in 1912, the revised edition to this 1911 one. Both had the nameplates on the cover filled in but this copy was more legible. 

Yep, definitely from the 1910's cause in 30 years...
Smaller and more wood-like.
Overall, a curious addition to the book collection. Who woulda thunk this Wood guy was so popular.

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