Monday, June 23, 2014

OT10: Alice in Wonderland

Recently I ran into a collector of Lewis Carroll’s works and was reminded of a couple books I picked up last year and really should have showcased them sooner.

Not a matched pair but close.
Just a pair of brothers in politics, right?

About this time last year The Monkey’s Paw threw an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party, complete with delicious Eat Me cookies and mysterious Drink Me elixirs (it was tequila. It’s always tequila…). Along with the food and dressing up, they also put up a table full of antiquarian and hard to find editions of Carroll’s works.

Apparently Carroll in Latin is still Carroll.

Coming in a bit late, I missed out on the Chinese copies and some Slavic ones with gorgeous watercolour plates but did manage to score these two Latin copies of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.

Who doesn't like playing with text?

The useful languages.

Alice in Wonderland ranks quite high on the list of children’s books I grew up on, placing somewhere above Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and just under The Little Prince (both of which were also read to me in Chinese by my mother when I was a kid). Whenever I come across a unique or old edition I tend to snap it up and add it to my collection so when I saw these they were instant buys.

Almost a useful tutorial.

Poems are kind of easy when everything ends in o's and m's.

Who knows, one day I might want to learn Latin and children’s books are always handy for picking up a new language. There’s gotta be a market for people who know dead languages, right?

Goo Goo G'joob.

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