Monday, May 5, 2014

S11: Ontario Teachers' Manuals: Nature Study

This week's Biblio-Mat book submission comes from a sender who didn't care to have their name published.

Black on black is always an interesting choice.

Book: Ontario Teachers' Manuals: Nature Study
Submitted by: Anonymous

It looks to be an interestingly designed book, opting to leave the embossing on the cover colourless. From the submitter:

"The books looks like it's been used a lot but is still intact. The black on black cover has the price of 19 cents pressed into it, as well as a seal saying it's 'Authorized by the Minister of Education'. Inside, the publish date is 1915 - almost a hundred years old! The rest of the book looks clean and it contains a bunch of study guides."

From what I can tell from the pics, there's slight a fixation on trees. Would be interesting to see how relevant the information is nowadays.

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