Monday, April 7, 2014

S9: Switzerland

On the eve of my first vacation in a long while, the Biblio-Mat throws a curveball, which should surprise no one.

Quite European.

Title: Switzerland

It’s an interesting title as the original plan for this year was to head to Europe for a trip but instead plans have been sidelined and I’m now heading to Asia instead to meet up with family. As a reminder of what was supposed to be, Switzerland is a nice kick in the pants.

Pretty dustjacket, though.

Yep, that's Switzerland.

Written by John Russell and published in 1950, it does have a pretty interesting dustjacket. The interior 152 pages contain a nice assortment of black and white photographs on Switzerland. However the only colour piece was the title-facing plate.

Not quite a selling point.

Much better.

Reading through a few pages, it’s a little dry but most travel books are. Who knows, though, perhaps next year Switzerland will be a travel destination.

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