Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Off Topic 1: Lumio Book Lamp

A slight deviation from the regularly scheduled programming but this is too good not to share. I love gadgets and usually jump on things that advance technology but rarely have I been this excited about something as simple as a lamp.

Love the design.
I think it’s pretty clear that I’m a bibliophile at heart so when I heard about the Lumio book lamp half a year ago, I couldn’t wait to back the Kickstarter project. Following the inventor’s updates was a journey that was worth the price of the backing alone. Encountering setback after setback in both material sourcing and manufacturing, it was eye opening for anyone who ever wondered what it takes to bring something from idea on paper to mass production. Without further ado:

The box also doubles as a slipcase for travel.
Clean and simple.
Designed as a book, the lamp turns on when you open the cover, radiating a warm glow. The wider you open it, the more light comes out. The Lumio opens all the way around to form a desk lamp or a hanging lamp with the strap. Pics make it look dimmer than it actually is to capture more of the detail.

The wraparound cover is made of wood (I choose dark walnut) and the ‘pages’ are made of Tyvek. Both covers also have high strength magnets that are used to hold the book closed or fully open. They also function with the two round wooden circles that also function as a clasp, stand, and wall/desk mount – genius design. The best part is that the Lumio runs on a lithium-ion battery that powers it for 8 hours and charges with a micro USB port.

At about $100.00, the price is a bit steep but the quality of this project is just stunning. From the production of the wood and power of the battery to the solid design of the box to the leather strap and wood accessories, it’s clear that this was made to last. Hell, the USB cable was even cloth braided to guard against wear and tear.

Fits into the bookshelf well.
Small enough to take anywhere, this may turn out to be one of the more useful gadgets I’ve bought. Simple idea but build a better mousetrap… Definitely well worth picking up for anyone who loves books.

The official site:

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